Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Non-edible Fishes are risky to health

Why are some fish unsafe to eat?
Many lakes, rivers, and oceans contain mercury and other chemical pollution. Some chemical pollutants can be found in a fish’s body. These chemicals found in fish can be harmful to you and your family if eaten too often. The chemicals can stay in your body for days, months or years.

Who is at greatest risk from eating the wrong kinds of fish too often?
1.Breast-fed babies
2. Unborn babies
3. Children under the age of 15
4. Individuals with certain chronic health problems

What health problems can these chemicals cause?
1. Some chemicals can harm developing brains and nervous systems, slowing a child's physical, mental and behavioral development.
2. Some chemicals can damage immune systems, cause changes in liver function, or cause cancer.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby corn Crops

Baby corn is regularly route and sold in cans or jars. Just crop some of your sweet corn early. Field, regular, sweet improved or super sweet corn selections work great for baby corn. You don't need to buy the fancy stuff from the store.Corn cherish so quickly that appropriates harvest is essential. In an extra day or two, the corn can grow larger than you might like for baby corn, giving a tougher and larger ear than might be good in a blend fry dish or salad.Baby corn ears are best croped when they are two to four inches long and a third to two-thirds of an inch in diameter, whether full-grown with a regular or close spacing pattern.
To produce baby corn at the great time takes practice. You might need to yield a few at different stage each day for a few days to learn precisely when the baby corn is at the perfect stage for you. Start by harvesting ears where silk appears that day. Each ear may reach this stage at a different time on each plant, so you'll have to watch your plants closely.Refrigerate baby corn, with husks on, right away after harvest if you don't use it right away. Baby corn can be pickled or canned, or blanched and frozen.
A few seed group offer special baby corn varieties, grown solely for baby corn. These varieties are just as big as regular corn plants, but may have more ears per plant. They are not dwarf corn plants. If baby corn varieties were allowed to mature, they would look like a characteristic medium-sized ear of field or sweet corn.If you want to grow a patch of corn specifically for baby corn, you can save space by planting corn seed much closer together than usual. Sow each seed about four inches apart in the row. Keep the row spacing to the normal 30 to 36 inches apart.Baby corn has fewer pest problems than full-sized ears of corn. Corn earworms and cucumber beetles generally do their damage later, when the corn ear is filling out and maturing.Baby corn is has not been widely commercially produced in the United States because it has to be harvested and processed by hand. But small local farms are starting to produce baby corn for local fresh markets.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Honey as Medicine

Honey is a widely used food .Because of its sweetness, pleasing taste and aroma. Since honey is a natural stiff and is food for the honeybee, there has been much gossip as to its value in the nutrition of man. Honey is prepared from the nectar of flowers by worker bees and stored in the honeycomb. Even though honey is derived principally from nectaries of flowers, we cannot overlook the part the honeybee plays in storing the nectar in the hive and in handing out it to its final form. Thus honey should be watchful the product of the bee processed from a plant product.

The analysis of honey has revealed that it consists of approxi mately 75-80% sugar, mainly invert sugar, which is a conversion product of sucrose. Schuette et al.
( '32, '37, '38, '39) have shown the occurrence of mineral elements in honey. Extraordinary among these are iron, copper, sodium, potassium, manganese, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, all of which have been shown to be essential to good diet of animals. Since honey is in essence derived from the flower and moreover is a food forthe bee, much speculation has arisen as to its vitamin content, especially because great emphasis has been placed on the importance of vitamins in human nutrition. It seems that this problem has interested workers for two decades, many ofwhom have reported the absence of vitamins A, B, C, D, and Ein honey. These results may be interpreted in the light of the methods employed, which have been much improved in recent years.

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