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Jakob Balde

Jakob Balde (1604—1668), German Latinist, was born at Ensisheim in Alsace on January 4 1604.
Driven from Alsace by the marauding bands of Count Mansfeld, he fled to Ingolstadt where he began to study law. A love disappointment, however, turned his thoughts to the church, and in 1624 he entered the Society of Jesus. Continuing his study of the humanities, he became in 1628 professor of rhetoric at Innsbruck, and in 1635 at Ingolstadt, whither he had been transferred by his superiors in order to study theology. In 1633 he was ordained priest.
His lectures and poems had now made him famous, and he was summoned to Munich where, in 1638, he became court chaplain to the elector Maximilian I He remained in Munich till 1650, when he went to live at Landshut and afterwards at Amberg. In 1654 he was transferred to Neuburg on the Danube, as court preacher and confessor to the count palatine. He died at Neuburg on August 9 1668.
A collected edition of Balde's works in 4 vols was published at Cologne in 1650; a more complete edition in 8 vols at Munich, 1729; also a good selection by L. Spach (Paris and Strassburg, 1871). An edition of his Latin lyrics appeared at Regensburg in 1884. There are translations into German of some of his odes, by J. Schrott and M. Schleich (Munich, 1870). See G. Westermayer, Jacobus Balde, sein Leben und seine Werke (1868); J. Bach, Jakob Balde (Freiburg, 1904).
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Bald Uakari

The Bald Uakari (Cacajao calvus), also known as the Red Uakari or Bald-headed Uakari, is a distinctive red-faced monkey found in swampy forests in Brazil, Peru, and Columbia. The species is considered "near threatened" by the 2004 World Conservation Union (IUCN) Red List because of hunting and the destruction of its habitat. [1] (
They have little fur on the face, with bright red facial skin a sign of good health, enabling them to choose the healthiest (most red-faced) to mate with. They have long, thick, white or red body fur with short, bushy tails. They are on average 55 cm long and weigh around 3,000 grams, with 15 cm tails. They usually live around 20 years.
Bald uakaris feed mainly on seeds and flowers, and some small animals.
They live in mixed groups of between five and 30 members, spending most of their time on the ground searching for seeds, and at night sleeping in trees for safety. The breeding season is between October and May. The female encourages the male to mate by releasing an attractive scent. The gestation period is unknown.

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