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The facts of Leonardo da Vinci | The famous monolisa painting

The facts of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo land on earth: April 15, 1452
Birth place: Anchiano, Italy
Da Vinci Died on: May 2, 1519

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the main famous artists of each and every one time. The Italian revival artist was a master artist, engineer, designer, anatomist, discoverer and sculptor because everyone in the world knows him. Leonardo is measured to be a intelligence, making a number of of the mainly well-known paintings yet painted with the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper and Leonardo da Vinci note pad packed with sketch of many discovery that were to turn into the machinery and skill that we at the present we use flying machinery, submarines and war machinery.

His father was an attorney his name is ser Piero Fruosino di Antonio da Vinci and mother name is Caterina was a peasant lady. Leonardo was born an illegal child and mounted in his father's dwelling in Florence.

Leonardo frightened his father by means of his early on pictures, punctual on him to establish the youthful Leonardo near to the artist Andrea Del Verrocchio. At the age of 14 Leonardo da Vinci turns into a trainee of Verrochio and hurriedly develops into his most gifted employee. In the picture "Baptism of Christ", Leonardo was allocating resting on the way to paint one angel, although Verrocchio painted the new. Da Vinci decides to paint his angel in the moderately original average of oil, though Verrocchio painted his in the common tempera average. The youthful Leonardo obviously upstaged his master, and missing the building of Verrocchio in 1477 to occupy in his own.

Da Vinci was working by the Duke of Milan (Ludovico Sforza) in 1482; permit him to toil in his possess meeting in anticipation after the Duke's plunge to the French in 1498. Leonardo waits until 1499, but motivated on to Mantua, next to Venice wherever he was working as a armed engineer. Da Vinci then employed for Cesare Borgia as a armed designer in Florence in anticipation of 1506, earlier than recurring to Milan. Leonardo toiled in Rome among 1513 and 1516 wherever his generation integrated immense revival artists similar to
Michelangelo and Raphael. He then motivated to France everywhere he employed for the French sovereign until his loss during Clos Luce, 1519.

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